This shot shows an official picture taken of the busy sales office, located on the 7th floor of Telephone House in Bromley. The area was part of the London Region and covered 144 sq miles from Deptford to Greenhithe in Kent.
Each Team consisted of a Sales Superintendant, seated at desk with name plate on filing cabinet.Shown here is T J Flawn. A Sales Representative, Denis Barnes seen at the desk in the foreground. The remainder of the team was made up of 4 or 5 Clerical Officers and a Clerical Assistant.
The CO's were responsible for all or part of an exchange area, if split the division being made on letters of the alphabet (A-K, L-Z). This covered both Residential and Business customers.
In addition there were other teams
1) "Special Services" that dealt with Telex and Private Wires.
2) The production and distribution of the Advice Notes (Authority to carry out work) and the closing and pricing of jobs when the engineers had completed their work. Once the job was closed the job copies were passed to the Accounts Group for billing.